Private Sector Development Program

Rural Education Development Program
REDP is an annual community-outreach program, designed to build a bridge between rural community and Yangon-based education centres. This program aims to make international education opportunities possible for the marginalized communities. REDP focuses on providing Citizenship English courses for community youths, especially those from the extremely low income areas and those from the socially and politically excluded societies. It is expected that through providing English programs to the community youths, it will be possible to have a direct and positive effect on the well-being of the youth of the communities. REDP utilizes English teachers who are members of Scholar Institute and other partnership organizations. Those teachers contribute 15-20 hours each week for a period of two and half months (summer). During this period, they try to assess the other needs of the communities besides teaching English; for example, the discussion groups are organized to serve as the forum for sharing aspiration and ideas through discussing the issues which are affecting people in the communities, the book clubs are arranged to introduce the reading habit among the youth, and mobile libraries are established with the support from the communities in differentrural areas. REDP has been run since 2007 around different local areas in Chin State, Rakhine State, and Irrawaddy Division.