SELC is one of the four main programs of Scholar Institute. SELC provides the students with English courses and Social Science courses. SELC is a non-profit-making centre which is offering the classes with all affordable prices so that all students can study English and Social Science courses for their further steps. As the program was started from 2006, SELC has produced a lot of students who had studied a wide range of subjects at different universities around the world, and many other students from SELC have finished the trainings provided by different international organizations. As the slogan of Scholar Institute says “Every Youth Deserve a Quality Education”, SELC is standing as a gateway to quality education for the students.

SELC provides four different English courses currently-

  1. ‘Starter’ Course
  2. Level 1 (Elementary)
  3. Level 2 (Pre -intermediate)
  4. Level 3 (Intermediate)
  5. IELTS

These English courses are designed to provide the students with the foundation of English language.

Furthermore, SELC also provides Social Science courses which is designed to offer the students both academic knowledge and practical skills. The course includes three main parts _ lecture, discussions and field trips. After the fulfillment of the course, the students will be ready to grab the study opportunities and job prospects around Myanmar. Course Outline is as follows; Political Theory, Human Rights Mechanism, Political Economy, Public Speaking, Approaches to Research, Proposal Writing and Project Cycle Management, and Strategic Planning for Vocational Training.


To support the students studying at SELC, library service is also offered at SELC. The Library is offering a wide range of books (Education, English, History, Politics, etc.). The Library welcomes all the readers (students and non-students of SELC). Library membership fee is 3000 kyats per year. Application form is available at Scholar Education Learning Centre or can be requested from Library is open Monday through Sunday from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM.